At Patriot One Technologies, our vision is to create a world safe from acts of violence on our global citizens. Through industry leading technology and focused scientific research we have emerged as the foremost proponents of touch-less threat detection solutions, and providers of advanced safety systems for high traffic venues.

Built on a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) platform, our integrated solutions are able to detect a wide variety of threats such as weapons and crowd disturbances, as well as autonomously monitor perimeter security and assess evolving community health risks.

Our threat detection solutions utilize physical Multi-Sensor Gateway towers and proprietary Video Recognition System, easily integrated with your existing security system. Unobtrusive sensors and invisible screening measures mean an uninterrupted experience for patrons, eliminating the need to walk through metal detectors or endure physical searches. Artificial intelligence is utilized to seamlessly identify, analyze, and alert safety staff to security and health risks.


Multi-Sensor Gateway

The autonomous gateway system is capable of detecting concealed weapons. Through AI enhanced target recognition and object position image overlay, threat isolation and intervention can occur covertly, significantly minimizing risk to security personnel and eliminating disruption to patron experience.

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Video Recognition System

Our AI-powered video recognition system integrates with existing video security systems to automate the detection of weapons, crowd disturbances, and health and safety risks. With a range of up to 150 feet from the camera location, this software unobtrusively identifies, assesses, and alerts safety personnel of active or potential threats.

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Threat Detection Platform

An intuitive command and control platform combining diverse threat detection sensors, recognition software, and AI to provide a simplified, unobtrusive approach to threat detection and community safety.

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Industry Solutions

Our next generation of threat and weapons detection platform is ideal for:

Arenas & Stadiums

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Ticket Venues & Attractions

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Our products represent years of academic research to develop a sector-leading first-of-its-kind covert gun detection and related weapon identification platform. The market is global, the need is great, and the opportunity to make a difference is immense.

We are publicly listed on the TSX: PAT and OTCQX: PTOTF.

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