Patriot One can make a difference with its growing PATSCAN Platform of threat detection solutions

Current technology requires compliance on the part of the target subject (e.g.: TSA inspections at airports). With a fixed installation at a secure facility, perimeter controls require costly operator manpower and can be circumvented during a dedicated assault. Individual screening with equipment that employs millimeter bandwidth scans are slow and prone to operator errors or false-positive results along with increasing privacy concerns. Expensive and slow, ongoing deployment of large fixed detection equipment will inevitably shift threats to “softer” less secure targets.

Our Solution

Patriot One Technologies Inc.  was founded in October 2016 with research partner McMaster University, a well-respected Canadian center for radar technology research led by Dr. Natalia Nikolova (IEEE Fellow, CAE Fellow, P.Eng. Professor, Canadian Research Chair in High-Frequency Electromagnetics).

The Company’s  initial goal was  to commercialize Dr. Nikolova’s research into a single threat detection product – the PATSCAN RADAR sensor solution (CMR) – a system to detect concealed guns and knives utilizing microwave radar technology coupled with custom machine learning/AI software (i.e.: Cognitive Microwave Radar).

As our efforts progressed, through market research and end-customer requirements, Patriot One has discovered that there is a critical need to extend the perimeters of today’s public gathering spaces and venues for enhanced weapon and even health & safety threat detection.  The Company has determined that due to environmental or architectural factors at a given location a single solution may not offer ideal costs effectiveness or solve all the safety and security needs of a property for combating the very real and growing active threat phenomena.

Therefore, with the support of its employees, shareholders and security integration partners, Patriot One embarked on a mission to become the global leader in covert threat detection.  Since its launch in 2016, the Company has assembled a variety of technologies and specialized components to create a layered, multi-sensor approach to threat detection. Today, Patriot One offers a growing number of threat detection solutions and components to deliver the most secure access control environment available; from parking lots to building interiors, wherever people and communities gather.

The PATSCAN™ Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform is the next generation of software and sensor component technology to covertly deploy as a layered multi-sensor platform to detect and combat active threats before they occur. The PATSCAN™ PLATFORM currently features award-winning PATSCAN™ RADAR covert gun detection and knife detection sensor technology, the latest PATSCAN™ VIDEO  threat recognition software, and PATSCAN™ MULTI SENSOR threat detection that passively and covertly allows for greater deployment and ease of use than any competitive system; all packaged as an uniquely integrated AI Managed security system. All of our threat detection products target cost-effective deployment at weapons-restricted facilities and share proprietary networked cognitive/machine learning software.