Say goodbye to line
ups with fast and
frictionless guest
screening and entry.

Our next generation security platform
delivers superior, touch-less guest
experience allowing your venue to
increase threat detection without
impacting the guest experience.

Patriot One’s unobtrusive security screening solution allows venues to facilitate frictionless guest entry, without having guests divest their personal assets or endure invasive pat downs, with an added layer of security to reduce the threat of weapons.

Patriot One’s AI platform provides a unique, data driven approach to maximizing patron experience, in balance with ensuring patron screening and safety. The platform offers facility insights such as guest flow, wait time, crowd behaviour and sentiment analysis amongst a host of other valuable operational insights, allowing you to increase revenues and streamline operational processes, along with that required level of security. Designed to be extensible – our solutions will adapt to future business requirements, ensuring security keeps pace with, and leads, business innovation.

Key Features:

Discrete form factor allows the gateways to be deployed without interrupting the aesthetic of your entrance
Deployable both indoors and outdoors (IP65 Rated)
Video recognition software seamlessly integrates with your existing security and CCTV infrastructure
Real time alerts accessible on desktop and mobile devices keeps your security staff informed
Powerful AI-driven analytics suite provides data points beyond the scope of security

Make a better first impression.


Is your venue or attraction looking for ways to deliver a superior visitor experience that keeps visitors coming back without compromising on your security and your bottom line.

Upgrade your existing security solutions with Patriot One.

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