NAVAL TECHNOLOGY NEWS: Patriot One wins Canadian DND contract for PATSCAN platform

Innovation Solutions Canada (ISC) has awarded a contract to Patriot One Technologies for the delivery of PATSCAN for the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND). Under the C$780,000 ($590,342) contract, the company is responsible for the delivery and deployment of PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform. The PATSCAN platform will also be evaluated by the … Continued

CBS TechRepublic: PATSCAN platform detects hidden weapons, chemicals, and bombs

At CES 2020, Patriot One Technologies explained its PATSCAN platform, which can detect hidden weapons and more without the perpetrator even knowing they’ve been scanned. At CES 2020 in Las Vegas, TechRepublic’s Teena Maddox spoke with Patriot One Technologies CEO and President Martin Cronin about the PATSCAN platform and how it can aid in public … Continued

WSJ Online: AI-Powered Cameras Represent Tech’s Biggest Trade-off

LAS VEGAS—At this year’s CES tech show, products that pair cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence have a compelling offer: We will make your life safer and more convenient—you just have to be OK with a little more monitoring than you might be used to. Tech companies have been easing us into gadgets and services that … Continued

NBC: KSNV Las Vegas – New security technology shows promise in schools, stadiums

by Steve Wolford Monday, January 6th 2020 The covert threat detection uses several layers of threat detection. (KSNV) LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — New security technology is being developed with potential applications in countless places around Las Vegas, and other cities with large public gatherings. According to Patriot One CEO Martin Cronin, the PATSCAN covert threat detection uses … Continued

Martin Cronin on the Equity Podcast

The Equity Podcast team recorded this podcast with Mr. Martin Cronin, the CEO of Patriot One Technologies on December 12, 2019. Below is the transcript. Read, or listen to the podcast and enjoy !! Introduction and Elevator Pitch of Patriot One Technologies. Introduction Hello and welcome to another episode of The Equity Podcast dot com and … Continued

Smarter Security, Patriot One and ReconaSense Join Forces to Address Active Shooter Threats

AI-Powered Weapons Detection and Entrance Controls Adapt in Real Time as Situations Unfold AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Smarter Security, the intelligent entrance controls company, Patriot One Technologies Inc. (TSX:PAT) (OTCQX: PTOTF) (FRA: 0PL), developer of the PATSCAN™ Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform, and ReconaSense, a next-gen physical security intelligence and access control company, today announced an integrated solution for covert … Continued

FSM NEWS – Detecting real-time threats remotely

By Fire & Safety Matters (FSM) – June 26, 2019 One of the beauties of reporting on new technologies is watching them develop. In May last year I was able to report the development of the Patriot One PATSCAN cognitive microwave radar enabled hidden threat detection capability. A bit of a mouthful but essentially it … Continued