Patriot One is working to become one of the foremost proponents and providers of innovative commercial weapons threat countermeasures solutions for general public safety. With a leading technology, top scientific research support, and prudent business leadership, the Company aims to quickly build itself into a recognizable brand and leader in the sector.

Our Mission

We want a world where the threat of violence from unlawful use of weapons doesn’t exist

Our Vision

The end of the threat of weapon based violence in our public places and against our peace officers

Our Goals

  1. People and property are protected by Patriot One Technologies covert weapons detection systems resulting in no weapons unlawfully entering public spaces.
  2. Patriot One Technologies implementation and deployment creates an effective deterrent to unlawful weapons use in our public spaces.
  3. In the future, Patriot One Technologies will support those impacted by unlawful use of weapons through financial support, research and scholarships for survivors.

Our Values

People First. We’re united by a common purpose — to enhance the lives of people by improving safety and security at home and abroad. We are committed to delivering solutions that may even one day see the elimination of our entire industry sector.

Trust. This is a key component of everything we do. We trust each other to perform our tasks in an ethical and principled manner in order to act in the best interests of society. 

Respect. We deal with our stakeholders, investors, vendors, suppliers and future customers as we would like to be dealt with ourselves. Ultimately, we are all partners in this endeavor.

Challenge. We are building a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees. This means making innovation and excellence a core value. We recognize that someday our products may stand in the way of those who might harm us or the ones we love, and we want to ensure we succeed at every step to ensure no harm comes to others as a result of what we do.

Innovation. We aim to consistently deliver exceptional products, solutions and services and to always seek the potential for ever better results.

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