Hosted by Cambridge House International, the inaugural Extraordinary Future event took place on September 20 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The event was a great success, with 1000+ attendees, 30+ groundbreaking speakers, and buzzing marketplace giving attendees exclusive access to early stage products and services, many, yet to hit the market. Stockhouse is proud to have sponsored the “Best In Show” Award.

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We are pleased to announce the Winner of the Stockhouse “Best in Show” Award at Extraordinary Futures 2017:

• Congratulations to : PATRIOT ONE TECHNOLOGIES.

Patriot One demonstrated professional, succinct communication and a commitment to engage with  investors and attendees at its booth, onstage during a chaired presentation and in breakout workshops throughout the day at the event. Patriot One Technologies is a “Made in Canada” solution to a global problem. It’s PATSCAN™ CMR technology, which involves using cognitive microwave radar, was developed at McMaster University. It is an automated alert system capable of covertly screening moving individuals for on-body concealed weapons in public areas such as schools, hospitals and shopping malls.Their aim is to address the spread of active violence through superior detection technology. As Patriot One moves into the fourth quarter of this year, they are entering the exciting phase of execution and rollout of their technology commercially. Their timely technology makes them a “must watch” for the Stockhouse massive investor database.

Congratulations Patriot One!

For more information on Patriot One, you can watch CEO, Martin Cronin, give a quick update “From the Floor” of the Extraordinary Futures Conference 2017:

VIDEO: Patriot One From the Floor of Extraordinary Futures Conference Vancouver 2017 from Stockhouse Publishing Ltd. on Vimeo.


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