Patriot One has established manufacturing operations with leading full-service providers to ensure that PATSCAN sensor hardware quality and performance meets the rigorous demands of our customer expectations. A key aspect of these relationships is the ability to scale up production to meet increasing marketplace demand. As part of the Company’s selection process, we focused on a North American supply chain with production capacity in Canada, and that our suppliers are responsive and proactive in delivering on Patriot One’s evolving needs and requirements, including an ability to meet forecasted demand and ongoing improvements to sensor hardware and fixture designs. We are pleased to report that our suppliers are working closely with us to deploy the lean production methods key to avoiding waste while providing a responsive and efficient production environment.

Upstream from our manufacturing partners are the sensor component and sub-system suppliers, equally focused on hardware quality and responsiveness. Patriot One’s supply chain team looked first for ISO certification with these suppliers, as well as in-process quality controls to avoid any surprises within final system assembly. Another aspect has been about a focused approach to Total Cost of Ownership (TCOO) across the product life cycle, as some systems will live in varying and sometimes very harsh environmental conditions. These investigations helped the team to concentrate on overall supplier capability and their hardware production methodologies versus simply making decisions based on lowest cost per part. Furthermore, Patriot One’s engineering team provided an integral element to the Company’s supply-side selection process, including thoroughly examining competitive price and performance value-chain factors.

This past August 2020, Patriot One proudly launched its first, fully featured Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This was a big step for the Company at the cusp of breaking out of its start-up mode. Our small, but exceptionally talented Operations team launched our green field ERP project in a rapid timeframe of only 8 months from inception to go-live. This powerful platform provides Patriot One with multi-national planning, execution, and reporting for operations, finance, and deployment. The Company is now working on plans for full integration of the ERP platform with our class leading CRM system for full end-to-end business efficiency and automation. Full ERP/CRM integration will offer our entire team end-to-end transparency and immediacy in delivering customer quotes, securing orders, as well as building, delivering, invoicing, and post-sales support for each reseller and/or end user client the Company engages with across the coming months and years. It’s an exciting time for Patriot One, as we continue to build out our production and operational capabilities to help to truly create “a safer world.“

Please click on the attached video, for a quick tour of the ongoing production of our new PATSCAN MSG concealed weapon detection sensor, which is part of the overall PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Threat Detection Platform.  We hope you enjoy the tour and like what you see.  We certainly do!

Robert Lex
SVP, Operations
Patriot One Technologies, Inc.


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