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By Daniel Carlson – 

This week I went to Las Vegas to see Patriot One, who were evaluating their layered, multisensor threat detection system with clients at the Global Security Expo (GSX) conference. I expected to only see the PATSCAN CMR, their revolutionary cognitive microwave radar – based weapon detection system in action. Instead I was treated to a demonstration of the whole PATSCAN multi-sensor threat detection system that not only included the CMR but several other technologies.

In light of the multiple mass murders at schools, theaters, live events and other venues, public safety and security have become increasingly hot topics. How best to secure a venue where hundreds if not thousands of patrons are in attendance? And, how to do so without destroying the enjoyment of attendees or bankrupting the venue operators? These are the questions that have become of foremost importance to venue operators in this day and age.


Source: https://tailwindsresearch.com/2018/09/extending-the-perimeter-the-patscan-suite-of-threat-detection-technologies/

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