LAS VEGAS – Several Las Vegas casinos are looking at new technology to keep their guests safe.

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One device can not only detect concealed weapons, it can immediately determine the type of weapon coming through the door.

The newest devices can look past all that harmless stuff and focus on firepower. The Movie “Total Recall” had a giant X-ray wall that allowed security to see concealed weapons as they passed through a checkpoint.

While that’s not a realistic option when it comes to fighting terrorism, there is a new weapons detections system from a company called Patriot One Technologies.

“It’s concealed in walls, ceilings and floors and as an individual walks past the sensor, it compares it against a database of potential threat object and compares that information back to a security person,” said CEO Dinesh Kandanchatha, Patriot One Technologies.

It’s different from a typical metal detector. It can tell the difference between a cell phone and a handgun. It can even determine the type of weapon entering the building.

“It uses machine learning algorithms to be able to do these comparisons,” Kandanchatha said. “A revolver looks quite different from a long gun, quite different from a high-caliber weapon, looks very different than a knife or a pipe bomb or a pressure cooker bomb.”

The manufacturer can program the device to detect almost anything.

“The nice thing about that is it helps the security planning so they can decide what weapons don’t equal threats. So what does constitute a threat in your environment. If it’s a hospital, maybe you don’t even want knives coming in.” Kandanchatha said.

Arming security with information, rather than panic may be one of the most powerful weapons of all.

Patriot One Technologies is a Canadian company in town for a security trade show this week. They wouldn’t say which companies are using the device.


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