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Patriot One Technologies Inc. (TSX: PAT) (OTCQX: PTOTF) (FRA: 0PL) has developed the PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform – the next generation of software and sensor components to covertly deploy as a layered multi-sensor platform to detect guns, knives, rifles and even health & safety threats before they occur. Employing the latest machine learning and A.I. software, the platform NETWORK combines award-winning technologies across an integrated platform using advanced RADAR gun and knife identification sensors; sophisticated VIDEO analytics for automated threat and disturbance recognition; MSG 1.0 FASTLANE GATEWAY weapon detection system that passively and covertly allows for greater deployment and ease of use than any competitive system, and CHEMICAL detection sensors able to covertly deploy for the identification of explosive compounds and even narcotics. The PATSCAN platform covertly secures perimeters (i.e.: parking lots), access/egress points, and facility interiors to identify and classify weapons, other threats, and related incidents for immediate response.

Patriot One’s motto – Deter, Detect and Defend – is based on the belief that widespread use of its PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform will act as an effective deterrent to diminish the epidemic of active threats across the globe.

—  Highlights

  • PATSCAN represents the first cost effective platform for Active Shooter prevention available today. No comparable platform system currently available.
  • Cost-effectively installs at client locations. Customizable integration at key access points designed to covertly identify threats and alert security of active issues before entry.
  • Widespread use of the technology could act as an effective deterrent, diminishing the epidemic of active shooters across the nation and around the world.
  • Our platform includes components able to deliver stand-off detection, even on moving targets, with a “cognitive” ability to learn and identify new threats once deployed.
  • Experts in specialized technologies, counter-terrorism, conflict resolution, government/corporate relations, security sector business development.
  • Facility operators will have an ability to prominently post anti-weapons policies with compliance assured.
  • Working collaboratively with Canada’s McMaster University & the University of British Columbia (UBC) along with the University of Texas (Dallas) towards ongoing solutions development.
  • Worldwide exclusive rights along with patent pending IP for PATSCAN platform solution components.

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