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Patriot One Magazine’s favorite stories of 2020

by Deanna Zammit

When we introduced Patriot One Magazine earlier this year, we knew that we would be covering an industry being reshaped by quick-moving technology. We aimed to examine how people, policy and new technology platforms would come together to keep citizens safe in the modern age.

But 2020 unfolded in a way that surprised nearly everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed our coverage into unforeseen directions as we reported on how the security industry grappled with challenges like physically security their buildings during vacancy, civil unrest and their people against not just violence, but disease.

What you’ll find below is a roundup of our favorite stories. Have a moment to browse through and read up on any that you might have missed.


The key to successful tech deployment: community buy-in
Whether you’re a police chief, school principal, or leader at a house of worship, adding advanced security technology is a big step. Communicating transparently from the earliest stages will help wrangle the budget, and ensure the technology is adopted successfully. Getting that critical community buy-in isn’t easy, so follow these six steps to success.

As schools cut ties with police, security questions loom large
This summer as civil unrest gripped the country, politicians and school board officials advocating for the removal of school resource officers (SROs) argued that police presence inside schools criminalizes students for bad behavior. Proponents, of course, paint a much different picture. We spoke with the National Association of School Resource Officers to find out what can be done to ensure SROs help—not hurt—their communities.

What keeps me up: a simple cell phone outage could wreak havoc
“What keeps me up at night” is a series where top security experts reveal the threats, technologies, and tactics that keep their industry constantly on its toes. We asked Michael Glasser, security expert and red teamer, what we should be worried about.


Conspiracy theories aside, here’s what contact tracers actually do
Contact tracing is the public health practice of informing people when they’ve been exposed to a contagious disease. As it has become more widely employed across the country, it has also become mired in modern political polarization and conspiracy theories. This explainer cuts through the misinformation and takes us through the job.

Will smart guns ever be for sale?
A New Jersey law put the kibosh on smart guns back in 2002. With the law now repealed, certain players are cautiously optimistic that the technology will eventually break through.

Reasonable and necessary measures: In an active shooter world, these four things could spell liability
As a matter of civil law, business owners are not liable for acts of violence committed on their properties. Historically, courts have found mass shootings to be so shocking and unexpected that no rational person could hold the property owner accountable. That may change.


Keeping your workplace secure during COVID-19 closures
Staying secure amidst a global pandemic takes a combination of ongoing threat assessment, deploying the right technology, and consistently addressing security and contingency plans.

Touchless security becomes the norm in the age of social distancing
As people get used to touchless interactions as consumers, they’re more likely to expect them at security access points. Here’s what you need to know about implementing touchless security.

‘No traffic in the sky’: Police drones see what officers can’t
Drones can get into places where law enforcement can’t go safely. They can surveil wide swaths of land in short periods of time and when equipped with FLIR can locate warm bodies and pick up central heat sources in the midst of raging fires. It’s no surprise that they’ve become every department’s must-have.

Patriot One

How PATSCAN can become “part of the team” when fighting COVID-19
As we use social distancing restrictions to stem the spread of COVID-19 ease, Patriot One Technologies announced the release of new technology aimed at facilitating a return to normalcy while keeping people safe from infection.

Focusing their eyes: Understanding video recognition software
We’ll help you understand how Patriot One Technologies’ AI-powered video recognition software (VRS) actually works within a video surveillance platform, and what buyers in all industries should know before they start exploring it as an option.

Las Vegas’ Plaza installs PATSCAN platform for weapons detection, body temp scans
Las Vegas’ casino surveillance is known for its ubiquity. But security can’t catch every threat. Here’s how one casino plans to use Patriot One Technologies’ PATSCAN platform to detect more hidden dangers.

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