Introducing Patriot One Magazine

Dear Patriot One Friends and Partners,

As a follower of PatriotOne Technologies, you know that our mission is to keep public spaces safe and the people who use them free from fear and active threats. As you know, our PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform uses leading-edge sensor technologies to detect active threats from far perimeters, like parking lots, to the inside of buildings and venues. We know first-hand that these emerging technologies are reshaping the security space, and that our industry must keep pace.

We live at a time when technology is evolving faster than the policies and procedures that govern its use. Our industry is adapting, but we see room for thought leadership that helps physical security leaders forge ahead. That’s why I’m proud today to announce the launch of Patriot One Magazine.

This new online magazine examines how people, policy and new technology platforms — the three “P’s” of public security — can come together to keep citizens safe in the modern age. At a time when maintaining public safety is an exercise in agility, our publication sets out to uncover the best practices for finding and integrating the right tools, building and training security teams and preparing for the industry’s future.

Every week, we’ll post a new feature that examines the intersection of technology and public security. You’ll read about how artificial intelligence has the ability to enhance surveillance and threat detection technologies while being respectful of civil liberties and personal privacy laws that protect us all. You’ll read about drone surveillance, public security in smart cities, and physical security design. And you’ll learn new ways how today’s security leaders are recruiting a tech-savvy workforce to help detect bad actors before they become another horrific public mass attack event.

And yes, you’ll occasionally hear from us, and our efforts at Patriot One with our PATSCAN platform.

We hope you find value in our new effort and sign up to receive our newsletter that’s dedicated to keeping you abreast of how technology is enhancing and reshaping the public security space.


Martin Cronin
Patriot One Technologies

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