National Sports Forum| Virtual Summer Summit 2021: August 26

Our CEO, Peter Evans shared his thoughts on how to unleash the fans in his session, How can security be part of your marketing? at National Sports Forum’s Summer Summit on August 26.

Making a good first impression is everything!    

Multi-$B’s are being invested in entertainment and experience venues yet customers are still being subjected to antiquated and inconvenient security solutions. Fans are welcomed to the venue with the inconvenience of a metal detector, where they often have to take off their crazy fan gear, divest of personal belongings, be subject to searches, and experience long lines, delays, and high contact.   Certainly not the brand image anyone wishes to convey.

Building world-class and technologically advanced entertainment and sports venues with old-world technologies is a dampener to the patrons’ experience. With digital approaches and solutions, it is possible to apply a marketing approach to security, to allow patrons to simply ‘walk-right-in’, get to their seats, get to the concessions, the merchandise, and enjoy the entire experience faster, and in a frictionless way, while enhancing overall security operations.

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