It takes a community of best practices to combat terrorism

By Martin Cronin

The murderous fanatics of the so-called Islamic State, or Daesh, are not shy about telling us how they plan to attack our public or why. Their tactics and their rationale are readily accessible on the internet and they make for a chilling reading and a wake-up call to all our global citizens.

One of the first things a reader can take away from their propaganda is that their violence is not necessarily a reaction to our western political or business policies., it just that these radiical simply cannot be negotiated with. In their online publication Dabiq, under the heading of “Why We Hate You”, Daesh warns citizens of the West “The fact is, even if you were to stop bombing us, imprisoning us………..we would continue to hate you because our primary reason for hating you will not cease to exist until you embrace Islam”. Of course that’s not just any version of Islam, but their aberrant, perverse variety.

While Daesh showed itself to be more ambitious than other terrorist organisations in presuming to establish a state and calling on fanatics from across the world to rally to its beliefs and fight, it also makes  abundantly clear that the battle is to be fought on the streets of our cities. Dauesh tells its believers who are unable to travel to the Middle East that “you have been blessed with the opportunity to serve a much greater purpose than dwelling among Muslims and waging jihad on the outer edges of the land of Islam. Indeed, you are behind enemy lines, able to strike them where it hurts them most…. Indeed, you are plunged directly in the midst of the enemy.” Referring to the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the propagandists of Daesh crow that the terrorist Mateen  “succeeded in massacring the filthy  Crusaders”.

In fact, as Daesh continues to lose ground on the battlefields of Syria and Iraq and expert assessments suggest that they have lost at a minimum some 30% of their fighters, bloodshed on the streets of Western cities will likely become an increasingly important part of their strategy.

Daesh advises its followers  “do not make intricate plans, but instead, keep it simple and effective.
If you can obtain a weapon, do so and use it, as soon as possible and in a place that will cause the most damage and panic, bringing death and injury to the enemy of Allah……….make examples of the
Crusaders, day and night, scaring them and terrorizing them, until every neighbor fears his neighbor”

So what conclusions can we draw?

First,we will most likely see more attacks on our western cities and we must all remain collectively vigilant in our efforts to detect and counter these events. Many wielder) with no previous criminal profile and for whom a handgun, bomb of knife is of sufficient means. If the innocent partygoers of the Pulse nightclub are victims of these “Crusaders”, then we all are, and everywhere the public gathers is a potential target. So we are warned, but what are we to do?   Note, the Daesh aim to make every neighbor fear their neighbor. But we can’t hold this attitude, as Governor Ridge eloquently put it, to live in Fortress America, is to live in a permanent state of fear.

Second, Fortress America is not the solution, so what is the solution?  We need to be prepared and we need to apply and integrate smart security and safety practices  with today’s most innovative technologies  that can give us early warning of imminent threats. That is the mission of a number of today’s top security companies and security technology firms.  In fact, my firm, Patriot One Technologies,  is doing just this.

Lastly, we want to encourage a community of interest to share thought leadership and best practice, so that we as a collective community of security professionals can support government and law enforcement in seizing the initiative against this vile threat to our global citizenry. In my future posts on PublicSecurity.Today, I’ll be inviting Professor Ed Taylor (Clinical Psychology Professor at the University of British Columbia) to explore the mind of the lone  attacker, Lt General (rtd) Phil Jones to talk about the challenges faced in the United Kingdom, and Chief Plummer at the University of North Dakota to talk about building resilient academic campuses.  I invite you to join the conversation.

Author: Martin Cronin, Regular Contributor and CEO, Patriot One Technologies


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