CEO Letter: Martin Cronin Discusses 2nd U.S. Government Visit

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Dear Patriot One Friends & Partners,

Last week, the Patriot One team visited both the legislative and executive branches of the U.S. Government in Washington D.C. to share information on the company, our PATSCAN CMR concealed weapon detection radar device and software solution, share our People-Policy-Platform product and service approach, and address school safety legislation.

For those not aware of our People-Policy-Platform product and service approach, here is a quick snapshot of what it entails.  With the introduction of the PATSCAN CMR solution, our clients will now know in advance when someone enters their property with a weapon.  In order to help clients to act properly in these early warning situations, our team of security and engineering professionals will assist in people training and policy updates to existing security standard operating procedures.  These services, in addition to the PATSCAN CMR, will naturally add value for our clients, as well as to our business.

During our visits with U.S. congressional offices and the Department of Justice’s Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) team, all individuals we met with appreciated the PATSCAN CMR technology, and the ability to integrate with existing security systems.  They are all eager to learn more as we move to full commercial launch of the PATSCAN CMR.

Below is an update on our second visit to Washington D.C. with the five (5) U.S. congressional offices, U.S. Department of Justice and our partner Ridge Global.

Office of U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND): Patriot One met with U.S. Senator Heitkamp’s chief counsel to discuss the technology and testing sites at the University of North Dakota.  The staff indicated strong interest in visiting the university once the pilot system is in operation.  Patriot One answered questions about how the PATSCAN CMR functions (threat vs. non-threat), and its People-Policy-Platform integrated offering to address changes to standard operating procedures and training.

Office of U.S. Representative Brian Mast (R-FL):  Patriot One met with U.S. Representative Mast’s staff to discuss the ongoing efforts with Westgate Resorts and a Florida county school system pilot test.  The staff express interest in visiting the Florida county school’s pilot site to learn more about the technology.  U.S. Representative Mast served for 12 years in the Army Special Forces.  He has taken an active role in addressing the issue of school safety.

Office of U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL):  Patriot One spoke with U.S. Senator Nelson’s general counsel to discuss the recently passed Stop School Violence Act and technologies that can help keep schools safety.  The staff were impressed with the Patriot One system and we discussed the numerous meetings in Florida with school districts and police departments.  We updated the staff on the pilot tests being done at the Westgate Resorts in Las Vegas and desire to use the system in Westgate’s Florida resorts.

Office of U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL):  Patriot One spoke with U.S. Representative Wasserman-Schultz’s senior staff about how the PATSCAN CMR technology works and our Florida collaboration with Westgate Resorts and a Florida county school district that is on target for a pilot test starting in Q2, 2018.  The Senator’s staff inquired about the scanning range, number of individuals that can be scanned, and how it integrates into existing security systems.  The Patriot One team shared its People-Policy-Platform approach.   The staff asked to keep informed of the pilot tests and future test sites in Florida.

Office of U.S. Representative John Rutherford (R-FL):  U.S. Representative Rutherford is the former Jacksonville Sheriff and joined with U.S. Representative Ted Deutsch (D-FL) to boost federal funding for school safety in March 2018. In a brief meeting, the company’s representatives personally thanked Representative Rutherford for his strong support for funding school safety programs.  Then our team met with Representative Rutherford’s staff to share more about the Patriot One system, and deployment plans for development sites in Florida.  The Representative’s team asked to be updated on the system progress.

Department of Justice’s Community Oriented Policing Services:  Patriot One met with DOJ’s Community Oriented Policing Service (COPS) program officials to discuss the plans to award school safety grants.  This year, the COPS program and Bureau of Justice Assistance will provide $75 million for school safety-related training and technologies and will solicit grant applications at the beginning of July through September 2018.

Governor Tom Ridge & Ridge Global: Patriot One continues to rely on the guidance and counsel of former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security and former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, and his consulting firm Ridge Global.  Patriot One discussed its ongoing test sites, partnerships with stakeholders, and opportunities for federal and state safe school funding.

I hope this email provides more insights to our efforts to further our vision “to aid in ending the threat of weapon-based violence in public and private space against our global citizens and peace officers, leading towards a world where the threat of violence from unlawful use of weapons doesn’t exist.”
Please stay tuned for future press and media announcements and our quarterly e-newsletter NForced.  As always, thank you for your support in our journey.


Martin Cronin
CEO & President
Patriot One Technologies