The PATSCAN STS, powered by Sotech Secure, is a multi-chemical threat detection sensor providing reliable airborne threat detection. The sensor offers the most effective method for the detection, diagnosis and tracking of airborne trace explosives, chemical warfare agents and volatile organics. Using proprietary technology, the PATSCAN STS sensor component rapidly screens extremely complex samples and identifies the concentration of chemicals through the use of tunable electronic signals. The sensors detect airborne trace chemicals with a parts-per-billion sensitivity and delivers via the PATSCAN Platform an immediate security notification when a threat is discovered.



Multi-Chemical Detection Sensor

PATSCAN STS sensors detect airborne trace chemicals with a parts-per-billion sensitivity.

This innovative approach allows detection, diagnosis and tracking of trace explosives, chemical warfare agents and volatile organics.

PATSCAN STS Sensor Operation

Phase 1: Small trigger bias voltage applied to device sensor.
Phase 2: Regenerative nano-textured sensing element activates.
Phase 3: Interaction of trace elements produces change in measured output which triggers alarm.
Phase 4: Sensor element resets with application of reset voltage.


The PATSCAN STS sensor is designed to deploy as an integrated component of the PATSCAN Multi-Sensor  Covert Threat Detection Platform. Stand-alone or as part of an enhanced access control system, PATSCAN STS adds a critical layer of perimeter protection from parking lot entry to building Interiors.

  • Offices & Buildings: Use to protect your building through deployment outside a building or at registration desks
  • Gated Parking Structures: Use to protect your parking structures or lots through deployment at gated/ticket access points.
  • Stadiums & Entertainment Venues: Keep the fans and visitors safe through detection at entry points.
  • Seaports & Warehouses: Protect your shipments, and warehoused products by secure your perimeter with deployment at gated areas.
  • Power Plants: Ensure perimeter security with deployment at gated areas and unmanned fence areas
  • Transportation Hubs: Make your passengers safer by deploying at access points, security checkpoints and ticketing counters


PATSCAN™ STS: Multi-Chemical Threat Detection