Patriot One’s Multi-Sensor Gateway detects concealed guns and knives on people in a Fastlane setting (no bags or carry-on trolleys), preventing mass casualty attacks on the general public in hightraffic facilities and venues. The Multi-Sensor Gateway autonomous detection system can detect threats on individuals carrying concealed guns, knives or related threat objects into secured private or public spaces, utilizing its unique passive sensor array. The gateway can be installed at schools, stadiums, concert halls, shopping centers and other entryways into private, public or secured buildings.

The Multi-Sensor Gateway offers covert operational deployment allowing for uninterrupted pedestrian traffic. Target-selective detection along with covert configuration deployment allows for rapid processing through security checkpoints unlike conventional metal detector portals.

Multi-Sensor Gateway utilizes proprietary multi-sensor detection technologies. The high sensitivity, fully-networked gateway has been optimized and adapted for urban security settings. The targeted capability includes threat localization, overlaying the threat object position onto an image utilizing artificial intelligence (Al) enhanced target recognition. Continuously evolving algorithms are remotely upgradeable to periodically provide new targets and threat objects of interest.

How It Works

  • Gun Detection & Knife Detection: Designed to detect large barreled weapons, such as rifles (auto/semi-auto), shotguns as well as handguns and long bladed (2”+) knives in uncluttered environments.
  • Easy Operation: Operates autonomously without compromising system sensitivity, or individual privacy.
  • Detection Performance: Superior detection performance with low power.
  • Technology: Uses proprietary multi-sensor technologies to detect metallic object signatures moving through the gateway space.
  • Al / Machine Learning: Utilizes Patriot One’s state-of-the art cognitive detection software with advanced signal processing algorithms.

  • Non-Threat Items: Technology automatically eliminates small non-threat items such as mobile phones, wallets, keys and traditional watches. Larger items like laptops, purses or bags must be screened separately.
  • Deployment Options: Can be covertly or overtly deployed, indoors or outdoors. Covert deployments may include hallway walls, door entries, nondescript bollard or fixture units
  • Proven Solution: Over two years of continuous operation and client validation.


  • Especially effective in areas of high volume pedestrian foot traffic.
  • No health, safety or privacy issues as there are no active scans or revealing images involved.
  • Locates covertly and easily to identify the passage of prohibited objects.
  • Wide aperature and range allows for detection and isolation of threat-bearing individuals in crowded passages.
  • Instant threat analysis triggers camera ID and alerts remote operators and security personnel proximal to area of interest for immediate action.
  • Installion options can be covert or overt, indoors or outdoors and may include hallway walls, door entries, signage, bollard or fixture units, ceilings or floors, planters and architectural elements.
  • Rapid installation and ease-of-use provides cost-effective ability to increase positive outcomes.
  • Integrates with all Patriot One’s artificial intelligence powered platform components and many existing security systems i.e.: access controls, video management and related network alerting systems.