Creating a common operating picture for safer spaces

Patriot One Technologies understands the importance of effective security and is working to become the global leader in the detection of guns, knives and related threats. To achieve this goal, the Platform integrates the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with diverse threat detection sensor and software solutions into an easy to use intuitive command and control platform.  Our data fusion enhances information sharing between related sensors to achieve revolutionary overall performance. Each sensor detects threat feature anomalies that are not expected to be present at specific locations or in everyday scenarios, such as threat object shapes, metallic anomalies and weapon or disturbance images. The AI-driven platform further empowers and informs existing security infrastructure (cameras, access controls, alarms, etc.) and security personnel with enhanced situational awareness that will proactively improve response and ultimately save lives.

Artificial Intelligence Security Management

Law enforcement, firefighters and mobile medical technicians are in constant need of technology that can improve their efficiency in high-stress, fast-paced emergency response situations. By providing an easy-to-use dedicated dashboard incorporating video feeds, floor plans, maps and sensor data we empower users to quickly access the information they need to evaluate the situation, identify available resources and provide the best incident response.

Patriot One’s Platform is designed to augment the user’s abilities with real-time analytics and heads-up display solutions that can increase their efficacy when responding to emergencies. Our AI is designed to help focus emergency responders’ attention and energy where it matters most, allowing them to do what they do best in high stress environments.

How It Works

Our Platform integration framework enables real-time amalgamation of data from the family of threat detection sensors and other first responder systems, enabling true situational awareness.
The Platform framework breaks down the barriers to multi-vendor system integration by enabling disparate systems to integrate natively. The solution provides the intelligence to interpret the data and enable data sharing across a unified “connected” security network.


The platform’s AI-software is what drives both the system’s engine as well as the command & control user interface across different devices. Regardless of the mix of sensors used in a deployment, or the covert or overt nature of the data captured, the AI-driven Platform analyzes, quantifies and advises upon the degree, location and severity of pending or active threat. Mission critical data is then delivered instantly and accurately to connected devices. Tailored for individual environments and needs.
Our technology provides in-field and post-event analytics to monitor and tune overall performance. The system can dramatically provide additional layers of meaningful information to increase efficiency in emergency scene management, and quickly aid first responders access to additional data in real-time to help make them – and the public – safer. Now Available: Patriot One Alert Center mobile and tablet app for Android and Apple devices.