A Force Multiplier for Your Security Team

The PATSCAN VRS video threat recognition software is a powerful addition to any existing video management system for the automated recognition of weapons, public disturbances and suspicious behaviors. The PATSCAN VRS software combines existing video surveillance infrastructure with computer vision technology creating a force multiplier for your security team. Incidents of interest are instantly displayed to onsite security personnel in real-time through the PATSCAN Platform, allowing security personnel to respond to threat situations more quickly and effectively to keep guests, staff and partners safe.

Video Threat Recognition Software

Through proprietary automation software technology, Patriot One’s PATSCAN VRS threat detection video surveillance solution can now help security personal detect weapons, public disturbances and suspicious behaviour immediately. These “incidents of interest” are instantly displayed to onsite security personnel in real-time, allowing personnel to respond to situations quickly and effectively to keep guests, staff and partners safe from active threats and terrorist behavior.

Next Level Video Surveillance Using Artificial Intelligence

Using computer vision techniques to automate the review and analysis of digital video footage, the PATSCAN VRS software puts deep learning architecture to work – alerting security teams to both anticipated and unanticipated anomalies that a standard system can’t identify.

How It Works

  1. Secure Cloud Environment: Now more than ever, cybersecurity is paramount. This solution prioritizes security at every stage of development.
  2. Real-Time & Forensic Analysis: The software satisfies both real-time and forensic use-cases, providing the most complete analysis framework possible.
  3. Passive to Active Monitoring: With the proliferation of CCTV video outpacing available resources, this solution helps to ensure security officers actually see what they need to see.
  4. User-Defined & Anomalous Behavior: The artificial intelligence software ensures that today’s security staff are alerted about the key things they need to identify–especially unanticipated anomolies.
  5. Information-Rich Intelligence: The solution provides actionable intelligence enabling effective front-line security response before, during, and after an “incident of interest”.
  6. Multi-Camera Streaming Video Framework: Analyzing multiple camera streams provides the context necessary to achieve highly accurate predictive modeling and behavioral insights.

Patscan VRS Detects

  • Guns, Rifles & Bombs
  • Fights & Public Disturbances
  • Intrusions & Break ins
  • Suspicious Items & Behavior


The PATSCAN VRS uses artificial intelligence coupled with video surveillance and active monitoring to detect and inform security personnel of active threats, public disturbances, unusual behavior or items, and terrorist activity.

Streaming Video
Leverage existing cameras, or newly deploy camera systems from selected partners

Secure Processing
Video is processed in real-time onsite, or in the cloud, with the latest deep learning techniques.

Active Monitor
The behaviors of interest are highlighted as alerts for immediate review.

Confirmed alerts are sent along with key information to help streamline front-line response.


The system deploys as an integrated component of the PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Platform for Covert Layered Protection. Stand-alone or as part of an enhanced access control system, PATSCAN VRS adds a critical layer of protection for existing or new installations.

  • Smart Cities: Use AI to protect your smart city investments by first ensuring that you are a safe city.
  • Stadiums & Entertainment Venues: Keep the fans and visitors safe. Prevent brawls before they start. Detect suspicious behaviors. Get alerts of strange bags and packages left unattended. Prevent entry to the play or stage area.
  • Seaports & Warehouses: Protect your shipments, and warehoused products, while preventing criminal activities. Secure your perimeter. Be alerted of suspicious activities. Reduce contraband and trafficking.
  • Power Plants: Be a world-class safety and regulations leader. Ensure perimeter security. Detect unsafe behaviors. Track onsite vehicles. Prevent catastrophic failures.
  • Airports, Railways, Subways, & Bus Stations: Make your passengers safer. Detect abandoned or suspicious luggage. Reduce assaults and theft. Reduce the likelihood or terrorist and active shooter attacks.
  • Refineries & Pipelines: Monitor for patterns across locations and detect anomalous behaviors within all critical infrastructures.


PATSCAN™ VRS: Video Recognition Software
PATSCAN™ VRS: Mobile Video Recognition Software