Cut the lines not
the safety with a
fast & frictionless
fan experience.

Our next generation security screening
platform delivers a superior, touch-less
fan experience which surpasses the
current security standards of walk
through metal detectors.

Patriot One’s unobtrusive Multi-Sensor Gateway screening solution allows venues with high footfall to facilitate faster patron screening while enhancing safety beyond the capabilities of any other existing solution. Patriot One’s AI platform provides a unique, market leading approach to maximizing patron experience, in balance with ensuring patron screening and safety. Our platform is designed to be extensible – adapting to any future business requirements, ensuring security keeps pace with, and leads, business innovation.

Key Features:

Up to 3600 patrons per hour throughput
Can be deployed both indoors and outdoors (IP65) Rated
Powerful AI driven analytics suite that seamlessly integrates with your existing security infrastructure
Unique combination of close range threat detection at your entrance coupled with long range visual detection giving your security staff full situational awareness
Addresses the most stringent of security issues, with configurable detection down to small knives and other threats

Make a better first impression.


Is your venue or facility looking for ways to further enhance security, past what Walk-Through Metal Detectors can do? While making staff more efficient? And providing a better patron experience?

Upgrading your existing security solutions with Patriot One can give you all of that.

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