Are you using
security technology
from the 1920’s?

Patriot One presents the next evolution of
patron screening solutions built to
pre‑empt the threats of today.

Traditional Walk-Through Metal Detectors were designed and developed 30 years ago when the nature of threats and society concerns were very different from today. As a solution, the technology has met its end-of-life, just like cathode ray TV’s, and flip phones. Today’s threats require intelligent preemptive solutions that use digital innovation and insights to continuously improve the patron experience.

Patriot One’s unobtrusive Multi-Sensor Gateway screening system allows venues and facilities with high footfall to facilitate faster patron screening while enhancing safety beyond the capabilities of any other existing solution. Patriot One’s AI platform provides a unique and market leading approach maximizing patron experience, in balance with ensuring patron screening and safety. Our platform is designed to be extensible – adapting to any future business requirements, ensuring security keeps pace with and leads business innovation.

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Feature Patriot One Multi-Sensor Gateway Walk-Through Metal Detector
Staffing costs
(per one gate)
$ $$$
(people per hour)
Up to 3600 500
(with other technologies such as CCTV, thermal screening, facial recognition ticket scanning etc.)
Detect small metallic objects
(Depending on sensitivity)
AI powered Smart Object Recognition
(to recognize and distinguish threat objects from every day objects such as phones, keys, pocket change etc.)
Flexible form factor Can be deployed in different configurations Large and unsightly
Touch-less screening Often requires secondary pat downs
Future proof design

Is your venue or facility looking for ways to further enhance security, past what Walk-Through Metal Detectors can do? While making staff more efficient? And providing a better patron experience?

Upgrading your existing security solutions with Patriot One can give you all of that.

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Key features:

  • Screen up to 3,600 patrons per gate per hour
  • Increase security guards’ effectiveness
  • Touch-less screening
  • Protect individual privacy
  • Advanced object recognition differentiates weapons from everyday objects